Are you prepared to prosper in the new economy?

Virtual COVID Crisis Conference: Strategies, Opportunities & Solutions
Friday, May 22: 7pm - 10pm ET
Saturday, May 23: 11am - 7pm ET

*This event is free for REIN Members (please check your email for your unique registration link to join)

Now is not the time to sit back and wait for the government to make decisions for us. It's time to think critically, take action and prepare for the emerging NEW economy...

 Real Estate Investors have many choices to make. 
Here are two of the biggest:

Will you dig deep and prepare by learning and developing the skills, mindset and strategies to face the COVID Crisis head on (alongside other like-minded individuals) and leverage the opportunities coming your way?

Or will you passively wait, sit on the sidelines, or even worse - shut down and miss your chance to define and create your family's financial future?

Let's face it. There's a LOT coming at you right now. If you're like most of us, you're craving relevant, truthful and meaningful information. You are seeking guidance and leadership. You want answers. Which begs the question: WHO can you TRUST to listen to?
Between the constant mainstream media hype, conflicting and incomplete data, plus mixed messages, it's difficult to know who you can turn to for dependable, unbiased research, guidance and support. We ALL need a source to help us see through the confusion. A source we can trust to support us in making the right decisions.

 A place for you to get what you need; the REIN Team is leading the way for you by doing the much needed research, breaking down the current economic conditions, providing real estate cycle updates and more...

Join us for our first ever virtual COVID S.O.S Conference: Strategies, Opportunities & Solutions.
We're bringing together a group of Canada's top in-the-trenches real estate investors, research analysts and economic experts so you will have what you need to be informed, educated and inspired to make sound decisions (based on facts, instead of emotion).

Receive the support you need and conquer the COVID Crisis!

Canada's #1 resource for building passive or active income. Over 151,000 investors rely on REIN's events for their financial security & certainty

Despite economic upheavals, we ultimately understand (and teach) that through any adversity, there are always opportunities - if you know what to look for and how to recognize them. 

What we know about COVID-19 so far is that it's affecting both global and regional investors. With each province currently planning their own timelines and return to normalcy, it's important that we band together and understand where each province and cities are at in their respective Real Estate Cycles. You need to be prepared for which actions to take now and which ones to take in the coming weeks, months and years. What's happening in Alberta and BC is entirely different than say, Manitoba and Ontario and it's important to get educated on what strategies you should be using now.


With REIN's 28+ year history guiding and leading real estate investors to create financial security and certainty, we know there are incredible opportunities in times of economic confusion for investors who know what to look for...and we teach it using REIN's Success Formulas.

If you're new to REIN, or haven't attended an event with us before you should know: we're real estate investors (just like you), we're not realtors and we don't sell real estate, so you can trust that the information you're receiving is always 100% authentic and unbiased.


Applying our research & formulas has resulted in over 151,000 Canadians generating over $5.3 billion (growing daily) in real estate wealth 

What You'll Learn at S.O.S

You'll have the opportunity to pick & choose which sessions you'd like to attend. 
A sneak peek of what's to come....

The secret to understanding why you're stuck & can't move forward: Cracking the Time-Money-Knowledge code

Property Ladder: the step by step process to successfully investing & profiting in real estate. The nuts, the bolts and the spreadsheets!

Distressed buying opportunities: the specific tactics to implement - depending on your enter or exit strategy

Navigating property management in a post-COVID era. The rules have changed and rental property providers need more support than ever before!


How to raise capital amidst economic uncertainty

Renovation secrets: fixing, flipping, refinancing, secondary suite conversions & more

The essentials you'll need to include in writing your post-COVID offers, guided by a lawyer, mortgage broker, realtor & investor

Multi-family investing: are values up or down in the multi-family world? Is now the time to sell?

Your Kids. Your Cash. Do your kids have the critical life skills they'll need to navigate the new world?


Marketing deep dive: Are you prepared to step up and serve your clients and attract new ones? What strategies should you be using right now?

How to deal with financing and banks, which varies depending on your province and region - especially within the new economy

Treating your real estate like a business in the COVID aftermath: what new technologies & processes will you need to embrace?

Plus much, much more! 


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Whether you're just starting out on your real estate investing journey, or can already see the opportunities coming your way, attending S.O.S will give you the tools, tactics, education, research and support system in place so you can not only survive - but THRIVE in any and ALL market conditions!