The property management rules have shifted and it’s time to get educated on what you need to do next!

You need a step by step plan and that’s exactly what we’re delivering in this special masterclass webinar.

Waiting a day, a week or a month to get up to speed could mean catastrophy for you as a rental housing provider. Don't delay and sign up now!

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April 2, 2020
6:00 PM EST | 3:00 PST
👇🏽Get through this rough patch👇🏽

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Right now we are in unprecedented times. We don’t know what’s happening from minute to minute; moment to moment. Governments are issuing new regulations,  banning evictions and tenants are (understandbly) afraid.  And you might be too, but don't worry because REIN has your back. 

Even though there’s a LOT happening in the world of property management, you have to be educated. Knowledge is power. You need to know exactly what’s happening. You need to know exactly what to do (and what you're allowed to do). More than ever before, you need to make smart, strategic decisions.

The rules have shifted and what you did a month ago will not necessarily work this month... or next. REIN's Property Management Masterclass is not only going to set you up to ensure you have all the knowledge that you need, but also the exact process of what you need to do to successfully navigate these unprecedented times.

Here's What You'll Learn:

▪️How to effectively communicate with your tenants: do you know exactly what to say to them right now?

▪️How to  invite your tenants to come forward and talk with you about the challenges or worries they're facing

▪️The step by step process to ensure you're educated, knowledgeable and ultimately in the drivers seat of what's happening with COVID-19 💪🏼

▪️Q&A session with REIN's Executive Leadership Team, Patrick Francey & JG Francoeur