Most renovations don't go according to plan... which is why you need a solid game plan, a backup plan and an exit strategy!

June 18, 2020
7:00PM ET | 5:00PM MT | 4:00PM PT

*This event is free for REIN Members - if you are a member, please check your email for your invitation link

Renovations aren't just about swinging a hammer. Although they're simple,  they're not easy. To successfully turn a profit with renovations, there's an entire systemic structure you must have in place... and that's what we're teaching at this Renovations Masterclass. 

Protect yourself, protect your pocketbook and  protect your properties by learning how to manage your renovations AND renovate for profit in the new, emerging economy. 


 Fix & Flip Your Real Estate Investing Strategies
Here's what you'll be learning...


🔨 A clear understanding of how to successfully profit in renovations

🔨The mindset strategies and trades you *must* have in your toolkit if you want to succeed

🔨Real life Fix, Flip & Sell  case studies  from within the REIN community

🔨Fix, Flip & Refinance strategies & case studies from within the REIN community

🔨Find out which active, short term and long term income tactics you should deploy  

🔨Should you find & list properties privately or on the open market?

🔨The top creative ways to add value and maximize profits without blowing your budget

🔨Structuring your deals in Canada's emerging post-COVID economy 

🔨SPECIAL BONUS: Preview the upcoming Turnkey Renovation System for Success & REIN's Success Formula Renovate for Profit 

🔨All of your renovation Q&As answered!


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