Join us for the Ontario Real Estate Investors
Leadership & Marketing Experience:
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March 31, 2020


7:00pm - 9:30pm EST

It's during these times of extreme confusion & uncertainty that Real Estate Investors  MUST show up. Our family, our friends and our JV partners require us to be a source of clarity, confidence & guidance.

Successful real estate investors need leadership & marketing - especially NOW within the COVID-19 era.

By attending Real Estate Investors Leadership & Marketing experience,
you'll walk away with the following REIN Success Formulas:

Understanding & Embodying Your Leadership Values
 More than ever before, awareness and ownership of your values are critical... 
otherwise you'll be torn apart by COVID-19.

Your Environment for Real Estate Success
Real estate doesn't fail you... you will fail at real estate if you're lacking an environment for success.
How can you implement or restructure what you're currently doing in order to succeed and thrive? 

Who are you and who do you want to be? In the current conditions we're facing, you have to be conscious
of how you're showing up.   Is it good enough for the future? What do you need to refine?

The Four Dimensions of Trust
We're going to experience dramatic changes over the coming months - are you prepared?  
Your team is counting on you to be a source of clarity in a very confusing time.
This is an important and honest conversation that will equip you to become more grounded.

Critical Marketing Amid COVID-19
How to create a personal brand narrative:
 What questions should you be asking yourself to solve your clients problems?
How should you be communicating and positioning yourself  among your clients and team right now? 

What's Behind the Curtain: COVID-19 & The Latest Impact on Investors 
How to make the best of this situation and what you can do now to
 protect and prepare yourself in the days, weeks and months ahead. 

It's time to step up and lead with your REIN Community
We have to make the best of this situation and we're excited & prepared to wrap our Circle of Support around you!


Your REIN Leadership Team: JG Francoeur, Jennifer Hunt & Patrick Francey


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