Are you prepared to protect your investments with a potential stock market crash?
Find out why thousands of Canadians are moving their RRSPs into private sectors at this special Masterclass!

June 17, 2020
8:00PM ET | 6:00PM MT | 5:00PM PT

*This event is free for REIN Members - if you are a member, please check your email for your invitation link


Did you know there's more to investing than what the banks recommend? At this Masterclass, we're going beyond GIC's, bonds and showing you how more and more Canadians are moving some of their RRSPs into the private sector, avoiding the highs, lows and woes of an unpredictable and unstable stock market.

Discover alternative ways to put your RRSPs to work by investing them into private sector REITs!


We're taking an RRSP deep dive into...

▪️Clarity on reading and interpreting your RRSP statements 

▪️Alternative investment options (that the banks usually won't tell you about!)


▪️ How to combine the benefits of a REIT within an RRSP tax shelter

▪️Why thousands of Canadians are moving their RRSPs into the private sector (increasing yearly)

▪️The pros and cons of investing RRSPs into both public REITs vs private REITs

▪️What fund managers are seeing with their clients current investments & their returns

▪️Your REIT & RRSP questions answered!



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