National REIN Member Meeting 
This month's REIN Member Meeting will occur live on Zoom

(We will be emailing REIN Members their registration link soon - you will be pre-registered. All you need to do is show up!)

Join in on a virtual discussion with like-minded real estate investors and expand your view of our new normal, and your network.
This is your opportunity to assess where you are given these circumstances. Be prepared to ask questions and engage - we're here to give you the support you need in these confusing and uncertain times.


March 19, 2020


7pm - 10:30pm PST

Come out and surround yourself with like-minded real estate investors and have some fun expanding your network.

Your member meetings are your chance to assess where you are vs. where you want to be. Be prepared to ask questions and engage - we're here to give you the support you need to reach your goals.

Join us to continue on your pathway to success! 


As fears grow that COVID-19 will evolve into a global pandemic, the list of public health concerns grows by the day. The special events industry is being especially hard hit.

Your REIN team have researched and reviewed data and listened closely to medical leaders regarding COVID-19. Many leading event hosts are taking proactive steps to reduce the exposure within large groups. At this time their guidelines and practical actions align best with REIN to reduce risks for the Members of your REIN community and for the REIN on-site event team.  

REIN is a networking community of individuals who are constantly on the move and inviting people in. The current concerns for large group gatherings are escalating, therefore I believe the responsible action to take is to host your next member meeting live and online.

Annoucement from REIN CEO Patrick Francey:

The Future of Real Estate: COVID-19

The COVID-19 Impact on Canadian Real Estate

REIN’s research & updated data addresses the virus’ potential impact on Canada’s economy and real estate, drawing on data from Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) outbreak in 2002 - 2003, current data from leading economists as well as applying REIN’s Long-Term Real Estate Success Formula. We are able to extrapolate a likely scenario and draw conclusions for savvy real estate investors – including concrete actions to take now during this highly sensitive and confusing time.

Investors in Action: COVID-19 Mastermind (Open Mic)

Collaborate as a community to share collective intelligence and best practises. REIN Members, this is your chance to share your success stories, your trials and tribulations, your lessons learned, your biggest wins and/or your biggest flops! In this segment, Patrick and Jennifer will help uncover the lessons learned by others in a environment of support.  

As Benjamin Franklin said, "Learn from other people's mistakes because we don't live long enough to make them all ourselves".

Mortgage Minute

In this timely Mortgage Minute, you'll get the latest update regarding the Bank of Canada’s move to lower our prime lending rate. Plus, get an update on the impact of Coronovirus on mortgage rates in Canada. Find out what it means to you & how it will affect mortgage lending. 

Working From Home

Many people are being forced to work from home right now. How can you effectively manage a household, continue working and run your real estate investing business all from home? It's not always easy to transition from working in an office to working at home (especially when your kids AND spouse are home too!)

The majority of our team work from home and we will be sharing our top tips and strategies for balancing it all and staying sane.

What's Behind the Curtain

Your latest national and locally-focused What’s Behind the Curtain will explore the new GDP forecast and the economic impact quarantines will have on travel, event cancellations, school closures and more. 

Will Canada be entering a recession soon?   Many people may lose their jobs, which means they'll default to renting.  Will rental subsidies be made available?  How will this impact investors?

The next couple of weeks will determine how this ultimately unfolds!