With so many options available in real estate, Canadians shouldn't have to worry about their financial futures. 

If you're currently standing on the sidelines, questioning your next moves & watching others create financial success through investing in real estate... you're not alone.

There's plenty of confusion circulating throughout the real estate world and, like you, many of our members started their investing journeys unsure about their financial futures and worried about working well into retirement age.

As Canada's #1 source & resource for real estate education, we have guided these members to grow & succeed as real estate investors using REIN's Success Formulas to Financial Security & Financial Certainty. Using our guidance, they have successfully risen from the sidelines and collectively generated over $5.3 billion (growing daily) in real estate wealth​​​​​.

Now it's your turn!

Join Us to Learn 8 Steps to Building Your Financial Freedom Through Real Estate
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Winning In Real Estate
February 13 @ 5:30 PM - 7:00PM
Best Western Premiere Calgary Plaza
1316 33 St NE


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Here's what you'll walk away with:


  • How to Become A Real Estate Investor with Just $5000
  • The 5 REASONS why real estate is the best performing asset class to grow your wealth
  • The Critical Elements that hold everyone back (including you!)
  • Which specific real estate assets the world's smartest and wealthiest people put their money into
  • How to create your own pathway to financial certainty by design
  • The 8 Critical Elements that hold everyone back (including you!)
  • How to properly evaluate real estate investment opportunities to ensure you get the best deal

REIN's Success Formula will allow you to accurately pinpoint where the real estate market is in its cycle and to forecast where it's going

Whether you’re looking to eliminate debt, prepare for retirement, plan your legacy, capitalize on business opportunities, or simply grow your net worth, real estate investing allows you to build a financially certain future for you and your loved ones.


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