Your Calgary REIN Member Meeting Details

February 13, 2019

Best Western Premier Calgary Plaza Hotel & Conference Centre
1316 33 St NE, Calgary

7pm - 10:30pm

Come out and surround yourself with like-minded real estate investors and have some fun expanding your network.

Your member meetings are your chance to assess where you are vs. where you want to be. Be prepared to ask questions and engage - we're here to give you the support you need to reach your goals.

Join us to continue on your pathway to success! 

Why You Should Attend

More details coming soon!

Investors in Action: REIN Members in the trenches taking action doing Deals

REIN Members, share your success stories, your trials and tribulations, your lessons leaned, your biggest wins and/OR your biggest flops. In this segment Patrick and Jennifer will help uncover the lessons learned by REIN Members to share with others.   

As Benjamin Franklin Said “Learn from other people’s mistakes because we don’t live long enough to make them all ourselves.”   

The Case for Calgary

What cash flow yields are being achieved in Calgary right now? And where? The answers might surprise you!

REIN’s Success Formula for Property Management

5 Property Management Questions to Consider Right Now
Is property management an art or a science? 
How do you secure & screen tenants? 
How do you write great ads to fill your rentals? 
Should you accept pets? 
What type of maintenance should you do on a regular basis?

We care about you and your family’s financial security. We understand the confusion created regarding property management which is why we’re making it a focus in Q1 of 2020 to set you up for the next decade.


What's Behind the Curtain

Your latest edition of What's Behind the Curtain covers trends, forecasts & updates within your local, provincial and national markets.


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Best Western Premier Calgary Plaza Hotel & Conference Centre
February 13, 2020
FROM 7:00 pm - 10:30 pm 
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