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Real Estate Investment Network (REIN) Success Formulas Summit:
28 years of success all on 1 stage!


Canada's #1 resource for building passive or active income. Over 151,000 investors rely on REIN's Success Formulas for their financial security & certainty

March 6-8 2020

Grey Eagle Resort & Casino
3777 Grey Eagle Drive, Calgary

In the new world of real estate investing, words like everchanging, uncertainty and confusion are woven into almost any and every conversation with investors and want-to-be investors across Canada. 

Odd, seemingly inconsistent events and decisions don’t bring expected results. Once-reliable rules don’t work. This makes it hard to chart a personal and financial plan of a path forward. 

Given the everchanging and very diverse real estate environment of Alberta, the confusion and uncertainty is stopping many new investors from getting started, or experienced investors from taking the actions to grow their real estate portfolio to the next level. 

However, with REIN's 28 year history guiding and leading real estate investors to create financial security and certainty, we know there are incredible opportunities in times of economic confusion for investors who know what to look for...and we teach it using REIN's Success Formulas.


Many of the real estate investing and financial principles REIN teaches often go against the traditional advice people are given or have been taught. As a result, we have been criticized or even been called “reckless, old school and short-sighted." Mostly by people selling THEIR real estate deals...

Perhaps two of the most "controversial" things we've said are:

1. You need to invest in real estate based on the economic fundamentals; not the hype and hyperbole of headlines (and salespeople!)

2. REIN's Success Formulas is how to create financial security, financial certainty and is a proven path to financial freedom. And you can't save your way to financial freedom. 

The truth? You have to look past the misleading and overstated headlines (...which are there to sell newspapers!) AND you can’t save your way to financial freedom. Period full stop.


Nonetheless, for many people, riding the rollercoaster of media hype and investing in speculation (ie. following the crowd) and saving money is their plan for creating a financial future... and sadly, it's their only plan. 

They hope and pray that after paying their bills,  there will be enough left over to put in the bank. However, even if they are successful at saving, the interest rates paid by most savings accounts trail the rate of inflation... meaning they are losing instead of winning.

We think that is reckless, old shool and short-sighted...
and we care about you and your family's financial security.

Unlock the door and take the next steps to creating your financial future with us at A.C.R.E

Your Investor Summit will give you  REIN's Success Formulas by showing you how to build financial freedom through investing in real estate. You'll be guided how to make smart, strategic decisions at the right time... in ANY and EVERY market condition. 


Instead of saving, get educated on how to develop a plan as a real estate investor. A plan based on proven tactics and the right education. You will be amazed at how fast you can put yourself on track to escape the day-to-day grind, stop working for money…and start having your money work for you. 

Applying our Success Formulas has resulted in over 151,000 Canadians generating over $5.3 billion (growing daily) in real estate wealth 

The long history of REIN’s 2.5 day A.C.R.E program changed an industry and set the educational standard for teaching Canadians the fundamentals of how to invest in cash flow positive real estate. This year, we're taking REIN's foundational education framework to a whole new level and expanding on the proven strategies for you to apply as you take ACTION in the future. 

With a totally revamped and revitalized agenda combined with a renewed line up of real estate investing experts, our research and strategy-based approach minimizes risks and maximizes your returns. We'll show you how to create financial freedom by design and build REAL WEALTH... the kind of wealth that lets you sleep soundly at night, that grows steadily and predictably, and allows you to live the life you've always dreamed of.

Who Should Attend A.C.R.E?​​​​​​​

  • Real estate investors who are new to the game
  • Seasoned & experienced investors looking for new ways to win the game
  • Property managers
  • Real estate agents
  • Real estate brokers
  • Residential & commercial agents
  • Listing & leasing agents
  • Real estate marketing professionals
  • Property developers
  • Anyone looking to achieve financial freedom through investing in real estate