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Learn the 8 Steps to Building Your Financial Freedom Through Real Estate ($297 Value)
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October 2, 2019
Vancouver 5:30-7:00pm
October 10, 2019
Toronto 5:30-7:00pm
October 16, 2019
Calgary 5:30-7:00pm
October 17, 2019
Edmonton 5:30-7:00pm

Are you currently standing on the sidelines, missing opportunities, and watching others create financial success through investing in real estate?

You know you can’t score a goal if you’re not in the game!
Perhaps you’re unsure where to start or even how to play.
Or maybe you have lost the game before!?

If you're tired of waiting to figure out if or when the time is right, or gain the confidence to step on the field of play and begin to invest in real estate, we're here to help!

This ticket is your opportunity to join us as we present to you: Winning in Real Estate (WIRE).

In October, we are traveling across Canada to host an informative, inspiring and interactive evening that can get you started on the pathway to financial freedom by design. This is one small (and safe) step you can take to discover what actions you can apply to get off the sidelines.

WIRE will transform the way you view & think about real estate and yourself. This is an opportunity to learn & be guided from those who have traveled this path before you!

There are right ways and (sadly) wrong ways to invest in real estate. We’ll set you up for success by ensuring you have the essential strategies to take action and get started the RIGHT way.

We can guide you to take the safest and most strategic steps, thereby avoiding the same common missteps as others. We’re all on the same team together and we are here to support you in achieving your financial dreams and real estate goals.

We will be there to give you the answers you need to all the questions you have. The REIN team looks forward to seeing and meeting you at this life and game changing meeting!


Consider this...

  • We're not realtors and we don't sell real estate which means our research and recommendations are always unbiased an 100% BS-FREE
  • We're consistently featured on major media outlets in Canada including: BNN, Globe & Mail, The Edmonton Journal, The Calgary Herald, The Ottawa Citizen, The Hamilton Spectator, The Toronto Star, Canada AM, Realty TV, The Real Estate Show & dozens more 
  • We work with seasoned investors and out-and-out novices alike, providing them with precise tools, research and market analysis, and networking opportunities they need to build their net worth & create profitable and sustainable real estate portfolios 
  • And most importantly, we have helped thousands of satisfied investors to buy and sell a staggering $5.3 billion in Canadian real estate since 1991...
When your real estate investment STRATEGIES are combined with ACTION that’s based on solid principle as opposed to “speculative” get-rich-quick deals & schemes, it’s incredibly difficult to fail. 

We're not telling you this to boast; but to show you that our members didn't create this kind of wealth by accident.
They did it by understanding the difference between bad news headlines and the truth about any regional marketplace for making smart, strategic decisions at the right time... in ANY and EVERY market condition under the sun.
By the end of this 90 minute presentation you will have new and innovative ways to:
  • How you can become a Real Estate Investor with just $5,000 and grow your active income to six figures a year
  • A proven system that can show you and guide you into replacing your employment income (even if you're a high earning individual)
  • The FIVE REASONS why real estate is the best performing asset class to grow your wealth
  • Which specific real estate assets the world's smartest and wealthiest people put their money into
  • The FIVE WAYS real estate allows you to win big
  • The 8 Critical Elementsthat hold everyone back (including you!)
  • How to properly evaluate real estate investment opportunities to ensure you get the best deal
  • The 8 Step Systemwhich will allow you to accurately pin point where the real estate market is in its cycle and to forecast where its going
Winning In Real Estate is the perfect segue into the REIN Member Meeting you'll be attending afterward where you'll have the opportunity to participate in an exciting and interactive evening of learning and networking with our community of like-minded investors and real estate investing experts. (For first-time guests only!)


October 2, 2019
Vancouver Evening
October 10, 2019
Toronto Evening
October 16, 2019
Calgary 5:30-7:00pm
October 17, 2019
Edmonton 5:30-7:00pm