Imagine the power of owning positive cash flow properties that put money into your bank account every month.

Learn the essential program that has resulted in over 151,000 Canadian investors achieving over $5.3 billion in real estate wealth. From Canada's #1 source and resource for real estate investing.

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On Real Estate Investing in Canada Online 1 Day Intensive Course

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1-Day Online Intensive

January 9, 2020

9am-3pm PT (12pm - 6pm ET)
SALE PRICE: $71.75 Regular Price: $287

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Canada's #1 source and resource for real estate investing has combined 28 years of industry leaders' real estate investing education into a one-day intensive course at a price Canadians can afford. Accessible to everyone, at every stage, whether beginner investors or veteran investors, high-income earners or low-income earners—everyone now has the same opportunity for real estate success.

Created by veteran Canadian real estate investors for Canadian real estate investors of ALL levels, you'll discover the most important & profitable real estate strategies that have helped thousands become financially confident & independent. 

Learn The Real Estate Investment Network's Success Formulas to creating financial security, financial certainty, and financial freedom—in both up or down markets!

"I wish we had taken this course before we actually started investing in Real Estate four years ago. This will definitely make a difference in how I do (real estate) deals" - Shelley G.

We guarantee you won’t receive this level of world class education and support ANYWHERE else!

Information is power in the current real estate market, and it is critical that you have the latest information in your hands. As you'll quickly discover at this event, no matter where you’re at on your investing journey, YOU can grab your share of this expanding market as long as you have unbiased information and proven strategies designed to work in today's Canadian marketplace.

That means no more guessing, no more hoping, no more wondering if you're missing out (or making a mistake) and no more being taken advantage of. (And no more Google-ing!)

Almost 30 years in the making, Real Estate Investing in Canada contains no empty theories, just proven step-by-step systems to create financial security, financial certainty, and financial freedom for yourself and loved ones.

"As a result, we created a portfolio of $4,300,000 consisting of 12 houses in Edmonton in 7 years!" - Lisa & Glenn B.

By Attending the Real Estate Investing in Canada Intensive, You'll Walk Away With....

  • 15 Steps to Investing Success

There are at least 15 ways real estate can go up (or down) in value and with ONE amazing tool, you'll be able to predict the future of your real estate—anywhere in Canada! You'll discover the answer to the critical question: Has the market peaked or are there still profit opportunities available?

  • The Business of Investing in Real Estate
  • Managing the Only 4 Resources You Can Control: Time, Money, Knowledge & Focus
  • How to Find the Best Location, Location, Location to Maximize ROI & Minimize Risk

Location is important, but TIMING is critical. Discover the secrets to knowing exactly when to buy and when to sell to produce wealth! We'll tell you specifically, right here in Canada, which cities and towns are best to invest in today for maximum profits. Then you'll discover EXACTLY what type of properties will create the 'Best Bang for Your Investment Buck!'


  • How to Find & Filter Deals
  • Getting the Bank to Say YES!

This is critical for ALL real estate investors and will prove to be among the many turning points in this program! You'll learn from one of the top real estate financial experts in the country and using his patented techniques, providing you a distinct advantage when approaching a bank or mortgage broker. Never be fooled again! You'll actually complete a full mortgage application and learn all the ins and outs of getting approved. Bottom line: you will never look at banking the same again. No longer will the banks be a concern, you'll know ALL the secrets, including many new strategies for today's market.


  • Your Questions & Our Expert Answers
  • Your Next Steps to Take in Your Real Estate Investing Journey


January 9, 2020

9am-3pm PT (12pm - 6pm ET)
SALE PRICE: $71.75 Regular Price: $287

*After purchasing your ticket, your Zoom details to join the event will be emailed to you separately.
*The recording will be provided in case you can't make it or are unable to attend the full online learning event. 🙌🏼


"So helpful we're finally getting Canadian specific content! When to buy, where to buy, how to stand out and be noticed & how to quickly gey what you want." - Leigh D.

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About The Real Estate Investment Network 

The Real Estate Investment Network (REIN) was founded in 1992. Today we are Canada’s most trusted real estate investment education, analysis, research and strategic leadership resource. To date, by leveraging our economic insights and analysis, and using proven strategies taught by REIN, our Members have transacted more than 37,000 properties, representing more than $5.3 billion dollars of real estate.

From our founding over two decades ago in Vancouver, we expanded our community to include five additional major Canadian cities: Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa and Kelowna. Our vision encompasses not only these areas, but with current technology we've expanded to include markets across the country, giving our Members access to economic research and analysis in their neighborhood, in their province, and across the nation.