Authentic Canadian Real Estate Webinar

Get through the clutter & mixed messages of what's going on in the national & provincial real estate world!


February 26, 2020

6:30PM MST

It’s a confusing time for everyone, EVERYWHERE right now…

In these times of uncertainty (politically, economically and otherwise) you may be left questioning your actions and decisions. And with so many so-called real estate investing “experts” offering their services (who sometimes have hidden agendas), it’s hard to know who to trust...

But REIN has your back!

We have been in the business for 28 years, and our expertise and experience really shine when it comes to the economic fundamentals that drive real estate. We have supported 151,000 investors and our members have done $5.3 billion+ worth of real estate transactions! In other words - we know what works, we aren't just guessing.

Our upcoming Authentic Canadian Real Estate Webinar will dial in on exactly what we do to support you in getting through the confusion of not only economics but traditional & social media, politics and more.

The fact is: you want active income and you want passive income. You can achieve BOTH in real estate but you have to use the right system. This exclusive webinar will show you how to cut through the noise and master REIN's Success Formulas to Financial Security and Financial Certainty.

And just so there is no confusion, we don’t sell real estate. We are a research and education-based business here to support you in creating a strong financial future investing in real estate. Real estate is often a long-term game and if you get the trajectory set right & clear through the clutter of mixed messages, you’ll achieve financial security & certainty in the next decade and for the rest of your life!

Hosted By

Patrick Francey

Patrick Francey is the real deal. An authentic and effective educator and speaker, charismatic host of The Everyday Millionaire podcast, established Canadian-based real estate investor and Chief Executive Officer of the Real Estate Investment Network. His longevity and success as a business owner contributes to Patrick’s significant role in contributing to the vision, development and growth of REIN. He is a genuine, driving force behind the business and development that supports the REIN Team’s foundational belief that every Canadian deserves financial freedom by design and can achieve it through investing in real estate. Proud husband, father and grandfather, Patrick’s motto says it best: Success is SIMPLE.

JG Francoeur

Jean-Guy (JG) Francoeur is the Chief Growth Officer at REIN and CEO of Visture Property Group. He is the bestselling author of Messy Manager and has written hundreds of articles for international business publications. A serial entrepreneur, JG has built several companies from start-up and his personal mission is to shape future generations through real estate investing. JG is an experienced investor with an extensive property investment portfolio. He has the ability to develop a long-term vision, which is exactly what he is doing at REIN, where he is building the futurization of real estate.